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Can You Relate to These Individuals?

"I was so ashamed at myself I couldn't even look into the mirror. I can finally say I feel proud again of who I am and what I've become." P. Aragon 2019 ROP

"I no longer felt comfortable in any of my clothes, even the big girl clothes not to mention my skinny girl clothes.  Now I'm strutting my stuff in a bikini on stage." J. Trujillo 2020 ROP

"I felt invisible to my husband.  Now I realize it was me who made myself invisible."
"I couldn't even do a push-up before ROP.  Now I can do over 20 in a row." N. McCroy 2016 ROP

"I tried every diet out there and every time I failed.  ROP is the only program that has ever worked for me." K. Lopez 2021 ROP

There is Hope!  There is a Solution! 
Over 10,000 Success Stories through Rise of the Phoenix!

eVOLV Strong Presents 
The 2022 Rise of the Phoenix
International 12 Week Fitness Challenge & Show
In Person or 100% Virtual Options Available
2021 Participant Testimonials Below!
Second Official Kick-Off Event
Saturday December 18, 2021 @10 am MST
eVOLV Strong 3201 Candelaria Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Zoom Accessible:  Meeting ID: 936 4315 2637 Passcode: 2021

Accountability & Direct eVOLV Trainer Access

You will have the full support of the world-class team of trainers, life coaches, physical therapists and many more that eVOLV is known for and direct messaging capabilities 24/7.  

Weekly Motivational Messages, Life Coaching & Meditation

C.J. & his team of life coaches and trainers will provide you the motivation, focus and rituals necessary to stay focused on your goal.  The Rise of the Phoenix program is not just about the body, it is about transitioning your mindset to one of success.  We focus holistically on the body, mind and spirit setting us aside from all other programs.  

Over 24 ROP Only Fitness Classes & Unlimited On-site Classes with the Trainers of eVOLV.  (Zoom Access Available)

You will be training with professional athletes, dancers, renowned yoga practitioners, physical therapists, athletic trainers and many more of the top professionals in the fitness arena.  The workouts in this program are fun, energetic, fresh and second to none and geared to "all" levels. 

Minimum of 12 Posing & Presentation Practices
(Zoom Access Available)

You will learn to present yourself on stage within your selected category by learning the compulsory posing techniques from OCB (Organization of Competitive Body-Building) Physique Pro C.J. Chavez & numerous other professional bikini & figure competitors here at eVOLV.  

Weekly Nutrition Guidance

This program does not starve you to death nor is it a fad diet.  We teach you how to eat for life. The Phoenix programming is all about being healthy with food and using moderation to enjoy it.  You may eat the cupcake!  Just not every day and only when you have earned it.  Our professional nutritionists and life coaches will help you the entire way in the kitchen and give you tools needed for sustainable success.  

eVOLV's World-Class Fitness App

Your calendar will be in black and white and will be very detailed to what is needed over your entire program.  All the details are contained in our fitness app where your workout videos, community board, daily notifications/reminders and trainer access will be available.  eVOLV's Fitness app is very user friendly.  

A New Tribe of Support

A big part of your success will be the support you have in this process.  The Phoenix participants, past and present, will be your new tribe as you join the 1,000's of success stories of the program.  You will have a wealth of information and support from day one and on as long as you wish.  

Registration & Participation in eVOLV's World Class ROP Show!

A normal fitness show can cost an individual on average over $2,500 in registration, license, make-up, training, posing and many other hidden fees.  We take care of all of it for you.  Why - you become our talent for our world-wide showcase of what we do here at eVOLV!  Transform Your Life!  This is the pinnacle of the entire process and you will be show cased in such a manner that will make you proud for the rest of your life.  
12 Weeks of Transformations 
Followed by a World Class Fitness Show! 
A-La-Carte Cost Over = $4,429
Your Cost = $349 Today + Ticket Sales Commitment
Additional 5% Savings Prior to December 18, 2021
Hear directly from C.J. & Christine about the details of the 2022 Rise of the Phoenix Event!  Pre-Recorded Information Session on November 27, 2022.  Please be advised the Bonuses have expired but the best deal in the US for getting fit is still available.
Reserve Your Spot in Rise of the Phoenix 
International Challenge and Fitness Show Today! 
North America's Most Succesful Challenge!
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